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How to Uninstall FixCleaner
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FixCleaner is simple to uninstall and the following steps show how.


First, you need to make sure that your copy of FixCleaner is not running. Even though it may not appear on the screen, FixCleaner's active scan process may be active. If you see the FixCleaner icon in the task-bar, that means that it's active process is still running. To de-activate it. Right click on the icon and click "Shut Down."

That's it! Doing an uninstall this way will remove all of FixCleaner's active components from your computer.
Windows 98 | Windows 2000 | Windows XP | Windows Vista

Reliable Error Repair:

FixCleaner uses the latest advancements in smart scanning to find errors in the Windows registry. The registry holds thousands of computer settings. Errors here are often the cause of performance problems that can lead to system slowdown, bootup errors, shutdown errors, and those frustrating program crashes.

Control over your PC:
Controlling a PC takes know-how and precision. FixCleaner provides both. It equips you with the vital system tools that you can use to manage Internet Settings, Security Settings and even control which programs start on bootup.
On-Demand Updates:

Updates are crucial to many of the most used applications, including Adobe products, Java and even Windows itself. FixCleaner's integrated update manager provides you with a simple interface from which you can systematically view, choose and install updates for these an other common utilities.

PC Optimization:

FixCleaner comes with built-in optimization templates, step by step tools that let you easily adjust complex settings without worrying about messing up your layout. These templates help you manage Internet and Browser settings as well as boost memory use.

Reliable Data Protection:

Your computer and its programs keep records of activities, some of which contain sensitive data. To protect your privacy, FixCleaner comes with an automated Privacy Scan and Junk Cleaner. These tools can easily find the logs, histories and activity files that might put you at risk if you share or use a public computer.
Full Backup & Support:

FixCleaner provides you with the resources needed to not only better system performance but to protect it as well. Automatic registry backups keep your computer settings safeguarded. Windows restorer lets you make on-demand backups of your whole system layout, and 24 /7 tech support rounds out the help-network that makes FixCleaner more than just a optimization tool.

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